Here are some signs of a controlling spouse

September 13, 2008

If your spouse has to always inquire of your whereabouts, then that is one sign that you are under his or her control and there is no trust in the relationship

If your spouse wants to tell you what to wear, what to eat and how to do almost everything his or her way, then that is another sign.

If you always have to argue over everything and cannot make your own decision and have it respected, you should be on your guard

If you feel like you are walking on egg shells all the time and have to constantly withhold information because of fear of an argument, you should be aware that you are living with a controlling person.

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Are you living with a control freak

September 13, 2008

If you want to know whether you are living with a control freak or not, read some of the signs below and you will be enlightened:

They tell you how to spend all the money.

They will tell you what to wear or that they don’t like hell you they don’t like how you dress without caring about your feelings.

Don’t be surprised if they take the car keys away when you decide to go out.

They will give you one check from the checkbook instead of trusting you with the entire checkbook.

They will ask to see all the receipts that you spent money on.

They will even tell you how you should drive and at what time to turn on your blinkers.

They will call you constantly throughout the day to see where you are and what you are doing.

They won’t give you access to the bank account or look at any bills when they come in.

They will start a quarrel with you for no apparent reason.

They take everything literal and out of context.

They are insecure and will blame you for their insecurity and everything else.

They will tell you that you are the one with the problem.

Does this sound like you are living with a controlling freak?

Controlling Boyfriend Advice

September 13, 2008

Controlling boyfriend advice is also in the report that I have written, but here are some pointers:

If you have a controlling boyfriend, you need to try to either get counseling or sit down and talk it over. Your controlling boyfriend may be a product of his past and needs your understanding and help to get him through it.

However, until he knows that this is the case, you cannot help him. If your boyfriend is the controlling person in a relationship before you two got together, you also might want to talk to the ex girlfriend. You might learn enough to help you to make the decision if you should stay with your boyfriend or not.

Investigate to find out if there were any danger signs in a relationship with any of his ex girlfriends that you can trace.

The controlling boyfriend advice report only cost $15 bucks and your life is worth more than that.

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Signs of controlling relationships

August 25, 2008

Learn the signs of a controlling relationship

Relationships are not easy to maintain. It takes a lot of hard work. There are also different variables that contribute to making a relationship work. This same factor relates to any kind of relationship; whether it is a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, spouse, common-law, or even with coworkers or business partnerships.

In this case however, we will discuss relationships that are more romantic than platonic. There are different ways to detect if you are in a controlling relationship.

I am writing this report from experience and so the lessons I have learned will be helpful to you in determining how you can stay in this relationship and make it work for you OR leave before it gets worse.

In all relationships there are compromises to be made. You do this for peace and for keeping your marriage or romance alive. This does not mean that you have to lose yourself, but in some cases you may.

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August 25, 2008

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